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While Torrey Pines Software has operated since January 1987, our experience with computers stretches back to 1971 when mainframes ruled the world and minicomputers were brand new. Microcomputers did not yet exist.

In this page, we present a number of artifacts of interest. Some of these pictures are of our own equipment, and others were taken at the Computer Museum of America in San Diego, the British Museum of Science in London, or the Deutsche Museum in Munich. Descriptions will be added as time permits.

Additionally, we have included a paper, Software by the Foot, written in 2003 by Barry Demchak describing his thoughts on the state of the software consulting profession as it has evolved since the early 70s.

3270 Balun

8" Floppy Drive

ADM-3 Terminal

AJ Acoustic Coupler

Altos Microcomputer

CDC Hard Disk

1 2 3 4 5

CDC Hard Disk Pack

1 2

DEC LA-180 Printer

DEC PDP-5 Minicomputer

DEC PDP-8e Minicomputer

1 2

DECWriter III Printer

Diablo 1200 Printer

Removable Hard Disk Cartridge

Heathkit Z-19 Terminal

HP 2100A Minicomputer

IBM Model 80 Microcomputer

IBM PC Jr Microcomputer

IBM PC Microcomputer

IBM XT Microcomputer

Micropolis 5.25" Hard Disk

NorthStar Microcomputer

Osborne 01 Microcomputer

1 2

Osborne 2 Microcomputer

Printronix Line Printer

1 2

Processor Tech SOL Microcomputer

Punched Card

Seagate 5.25" Hard Disk

Slide Rule

Soroc Terminal

Tektronix TekScope Terminals

1 2 3

Teletype ASR-33

1 2

Teletype ASR-35

1 2 3
Terak 8510/a

IBM Token Ring Network

1 2 3

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